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On SoundCloud you can discover music that exists nowhere else — DJ sets, hand-curated playlists, remixes and freestyles — right next to chart-topping albums and mainstream releases. Find and connect with your community SoundCloud is the only place where artists and fans and curators collide to push music culture forward together.

Support the artists you love Fuel the success of emerging and established artists. With offline listening, you can take your music with you wherever you go, and with no ads, nothing stands between you and your favorite tracks. The more you tell us, the better SoundCloud gets. Download APK SoundCloud Update on: Requires Android: Android 5. VidMate 4.

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VideoBuddy - Youtube Downloader 1. Google Docs 1. VLC 3. Google Play Services for AR 1. Video Downloader 1. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor 1. International Enterprises.Sam Zavedi has served as a SM Strategist for Fortune companies and start-ups from across the pond. Sam frequently writes about tech, crowd psychology, and the merger of them both at his website, SMMGuide.

Fastlykke is a social media marketing company that does social proofing. They specialize in Soundcloud and can help their customers drive plays, likes and followers. They provide good services.

Getting soundcloud plays is important for many audiences as it can help their music grow. The approximate delivery time is 1 to 7 days depending upon the order volume. They openly deliver exactly what they offer: safe, anonymous, Soundcloud plays.

Even better, they will also deliver real likes, reposts, comments, and shares at a statistically appropriate level to the amount you get when you buy Soundcloud plays from them.

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This keeps you from falling outside the trend graphs and keeps you safe from moderators who might look to prevent this activity. Hypeddit is a promotional platform that is specifically dedicated to making your SoundCoud tracks more visible to potential fans. The site is generally marketed towards musicians, but can be utilized by other SoundCloud users for promoting their tracks.

The service works by providing users with several tools for increasing the social proof of your tracks and make these more visible to possible fans and followers. An example of a fan gate provided by the service is this one:. Setup for Hypeddit is simple and straightforward, with your SoundCloud account being linked to Hypeddit without the need for additional tools. Creating the fan gates is also done in a quick, three-step process. The service works well with a variety of file sharing applications like Dropbox or Megaupload to host your download files.

These are Soundcloud profiles that are aimed towards specific music genres which attract a large amount of fans. While these promo channels are businesses that normally require you pay a fee to get your tracks reposted on them, Hypeddit offers a workaround through its fan promotion feature. Once your track is approved, it will be reposted on the channel for their followers to see. All of this additional social proof, as you gain more and more followers, can be a great tool to use right after buying SoundCloud followers.

Combining two techniques which increase your followers is a sure way to get more followers, and the plays they bring, very quickly. Click DJ is a track promotion platform that covers a wide array of social networks apart from SoundCloud, including:.

It lets you manage social media promotions on these different sites through just one account. A little simplification can go a long way towards. One of the useful features of Click DJ is its Followers Sync function, which lets you increase followers across all your social media accounts from within the site.

When someone follows you on Click DJ, they will also automatically follow you on your other social media accounts. Furthermore, whenever someone downloads your promotional tracks, they will be prompted to connect with you on your other social media accounts. The follow-to-download can also be integrated to your main website:. By embedding the download links on your own site, you can effectively integrate it to your SoundCloud campaigns, as well as your other social media accounts.

Another feature of the application that can help you get more visibility and plays for your tracks is download pages creation.

Instead of just giving the download links to your tracks, Click DJ lets you package these links into neat-looking web pages that will catch the attention of your fans more. Setup of these pages are relatively easy and they can be integrated into your other social media pages easily.Traffup is a free SoundCloud promotion service that enables you to showcase your SoundCloud profile, tracks and albums in front of thousands of other users and helps you get more followers, likes and reposts quickly and easily.

Grow your SoundCloud profile and drive awareness and traffic in 3 steps! Sign up on Traffup and connect your SoundCloud Profile. Traffup does not need your account password. Just enter your username and you are ready to go. Your profile and tracks are visible as long as you've points in your account. Earn free points using a variety of activities including following others users and saving their pins. Join now for free. Login SignUp Contact. Here's how it works: 1. Frame Breaking — Redirects without assigning points Adult — Contains pornographic, nude or adult content Virus — Promotes virus or malware Offensive — Promotes racism, profanity, crime, illicit drugs etc.

Frame Breaking — Redirects without assigning points. Adult — Contains pornographic, nude or adult content. Offensive — Promotes racism, profanity, crime, illicit drugs etc.Check out this video to see how easy it is to start automating your SoundCloud to get organic free SoundCloud plays, followers, likes and more! Our SoundCloud automation tool was designed from the ground up to make your marketing easier.

This module uses browser trusted user-input events. SoundCloud actually thinks a real user is navigating the site and interacting with content. You can automate multiple accounts with Somiibo.

Each module can have its own settings and breaks! You can assign each module instance a different proxy. SoundCloud will never know you run multiple accounts. Set breaks and goals for each module. You can control how long the module runs for without babysitting it. Somiibo offers multiple modules for SoundCloud, each with its own niche for getting more comments, likes, follows, and plays. Each module is designed to do a specific task on SoundCloud. You can run any number of modules at a time.

This module searches for tracks by tag or genre and interacts with them.

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Users will see this and want to do the same for you! This module gives your track a boost by listening to it any amount of times that you want. Get more SoundCloud plays with this SoundCloud plays bot that will in turn boost your social proof to get you more organic listeners!

At our blog you can discover why Somiibo is the best SoundCloud automation tool to get more organic followers and plays! Discover how you can automate your marketing and spend more time creating music.

Somiibo is a powerful free SoundCloud bot and growth service that earns you unlimited organic free reposts, likes, comments, plays and followers. Stop wasting your time! With these free SoundCloud modules you don't have to worry about marketing your music!

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Somiibo's SoundCloud automation suite includes multiple modules. Each one is designed to perform different techniques for automating your SoundCloud marketing! Here are some of the things the SoundCloud modules will do:. Somiibo always stays on top of the current best practices of social media marketing.

Download SoundCloud Follower Hack Bot 2018 – Get Unlimited SoundCloud Followers! [UPDATED]

Head over to our blog and always stay in the loop! While it has become impossible to eliminate the technology usage from their lives, you should take parental controls and monitor the social media activity of your kids.SoundCloud App is the awesome app for android and windows users. Here is the pro version of that app hope so you will enjoy this app. This app is Now available at Bebbler. Soundcloud App is Android software and also a website which is used for listening or watching music.

This is very popular software for entertainment. This software provides the facility to upload or share song and music.

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You can record your own voice song and upload to this application. This is amazing music application is a lot of features. Following are the important feature of this software. You can download the latest version of this software to watch the latest music. This application is easily played on the personal computer and Android device.

If you listen to any music or song just play this application. You can download any favorite celebrity song. You can easily login this application. First of all, you download the latest version of this application and install it.

After install, this software used the following steps. The now unblocked version of this software is available.

You cannot purchase any song because this unblocked version is totally free. Skip to content. SoundCloud App Overview Soundcloud App is Android software and also a website which is used for listening or watching music.Due to security reason you are required to complete human verification in order to prevent bots and suspicious third party applications from using our service.

Please click the button below to complete the human verification. To prevent spam, commenting is only allowed for users who already used our generator. No sir.

soundcloud hack reddit

We do not require you to do that here. Ours is a web service that only needs you to follow a simple procedure. You will not need to give your card details or any other confidential information. Passwords are not required either.

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If you are an artist who produces original art, then SoundCloud must be the heaven that you have been waiting for to gain your deserved recognition.

The platform gives artists an avenue to not only stream their music but also to distribute it and give their fans a chance to listen for hours. It has only been eight years, and SoundCloud is already threatening to dethrone some of the older music streaming services.

SoundCloud started as a platform to help artists get their original work out there. The idea was and still is to give them the recognition that would raise their statuses from strugglers to stars because stardom is the destination, right?

Over the years, the platform has gained fame among artists and music lovers. Presently, the site has over 40 million active users. A stable million unique listeners use the site every month.

SoundCloud is growing at an alarming rate, presently being at least 1. Getting started on SoundCloud takes more effort than you would think.

First, you may find that none of your friends use it and you would be hard-pressed to get as few as users to follow your art. That is why this service gives you a neat 10, to get you started. It is a web service, and so you do not have to download anything before using it. The process is quite easy and straightforward.

As we said, it is quite tough to generate plays and flowers all by yourself. It demands that you spend a lot of time online lobbying for support. Why would you need these services as much as we say you do? Your song could go viral in this way. Someone listens to it and passes it on through other social media platforms.

People who may not know what SoundCloud is but are on other social platforms Facebook and Twitter share it, which will lead to massive listening and viewership. You could also get new SoundCloud followers. Before you know it, radio stations and record labels are making inquiries about you. If you worry about people finding out that you acquired these plays and followers in a way different from the norm, this service is strictly confidential.

No one would know how you acquired the plays unless you let them in on it. Our followers, plays and all the other services for your SoundCloud account are legit. You cannot command social recognition without followers.

soundcloud hack reddit

You cannot generate 50, followers as fast as we can we do it in under 10 minutes.I was an early, hardcore adopter of the platform. In fact, probably within the first users, as shown by my ID in their system:. I'm what they call a "digital native" — always produced music on computers and started DJing that way, too. One day I got a good offer for a pair of Technics s and decided to take the plunge. As I was playing with the turntables, I came to realize how natural it must have felt for the original wave of electronic musicians to have their work distributed and played on vinyl.

They would manipulate the music with their hands, which in turn radically influenced the structure and rhythmic patterns of the tracks they were making.

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It was also similar to how they experienced the music they grew up with, with the same mode of listening and cultural relation. The direct sensory and emotional connection made music easier to appreciate — both for the maker and the audience. I felt semblances of that, growing up mostly listening to copied cassettes! Today, this is different - the direct, personal connection is fully severed.

Think about it. Almost all of our interaction with music is managed and mediated by middlemen — Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple They determine the full context within which the music appears. Even if you embed a player in a website, the player will act against the artist. After a track finishes playing, a semi-random one will follow without asking. Or a nag window will pop up to nudge the user to visit the platform instead.

In essence, both the artist and the listener are moved as far from the controls as possible, in order to tweak, optimize and steer their actions towards whatever makes the host platform appear successful. The situation is incredibly bizarre — the devices in our pockets are more powerful than the computers that made the majority of electronic music.

You could literally have the same music generated on the fly by your phone. And, it could be interactive in ways never before possible. It's the most mindblowing yet ignored and underutilized musical context ever. I've been possessed by this realization, and started exploring the possibilities of taking back control. There are ways to make music more interactive, and artists should be messing directly with the format of how we publish our musical ideas today.

It was vinyl, then CDs, and now it's the Internet itself. I'm a music producer and performer first — I didn't give much shit about computers and programming, not more than it was necessary anyway.

I see these things as tools of expression. But every musician should understand their instruments and the context of their work. The track Pipo is a tribute to my crazy Amsterdam neighbor's parrot.

My neighbor at the time was spending a lot of time at home, much of it screaming at her parrot Pipo at regular minute intervals. In our flat, it became both a running joke and a genuine nuisance. I even considered adopting the bird. One day inthe vocal performances inspired a simple rave-tinged track that just sort of materialized, and I've been sitting on it since.

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In many ways, I found it to be a great fit for a fun experiment. The shelf life of a typical release is getting ridiculously short — you get a week, maybe two of peak attention at best. Great works get buried under the avalanche of new content, racking up only a few hundred listens.